Emsology|| Expanding the branding.  

Hey guys and welcome back to my blog! With the new reinvention of Emsology comes a whole new beginning to my social media. I am expanding my social media accounts to hopefully reach more of you guys and give you the content you want. Obviously I’m being more active on here, I’m aiming to post... Continue Reading →


Emsology || Mini Disney haul

Hey Emsology welcome back to my blog! In this blog I’m going to talk about the little Disney haul I treated myself to! So the first thing I treated myself to was these beautiful rose gold Minnie Mouse ears! I’ve wanted them since I saw them on instagram being worn by girls (and guys) all... Continue Reading →

Emsology || Jamilys Disney tips

Hello Emsology and welcome to the first instalment of Jamilys tips! In this blogs we will be telling you our 15 top tips on how to get the most out of your Disney trip. These are mainly for Disneyland Paris but could be transferred over to the Disney’s elsewhere. (Our first tip is a big... Continue Reading →

Emsology || Disney Blog 4

Hello emsology and welcome to my 4th Disney blog and day three of my Disney trip, my last full day 😩 if you haven’t read the first two days go back and do so then come check in back here. Other wise you will miss out! Today were were up at 6:30 again and get... Continue Reading →

Emsology || Disney Blog 3

Hello emsology and welcome to my third Disney blog and day two of our Disney land Paris trip, if you haven’t read day one then head over to my previous blog to have a read so you can fully enjoy day two. let’s get started! Today we got up at 6:30 got ready, showered sorted... Continue Reading →

Emsology || Disney Blog 2

Hello Emsology and welcome to blog two of my Disney trip. Today I’ll be talking about day one of the Disney trip! (Paris will get its own blog at the end) Our first day we spent traveling in the morning, we were up at 6am, not too early which was a nice treat. We drove... Continue Reading →

Emsology || Disney Blog 1

Hello Emsology and happy new year! Welcome back to a fresh faced new blog and a new adventure! This is the first blog of my Disney trip from this month and I am so excited that I get to share it with you! We will go through price, getting there, our hotel, our freebies and... Continue Reading →

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